Welcome to Kentdigitalawards we will write about sports and different digital awards that are out in the digital world. To start of this website i wanted to let you know that we have wrote 3 great articles about American Football, Soccer and Hockey you can find these in our menu above. You can also reado more about sport betting tips

There is quite a few different awards for the digital market, we will break down a few ones for you below and we will start with the gambling industry that is a multi billion growing industry at the moment. 

Compliance and Responsible gaming awards

This is a critical subject in the industry because of all the regulations changing all the time and the rules becoming harder. This is of course to protect you as a player and not something to protect the gambling companies. Responsible gambling is a very important subject in the gambling industry and therefor it has become and award to award the Casino with great Responsible Gambling. This is to give credits to the great Casino teams that do their best to protect you as a player. Below you can see a few of the rewards that you can apply for. http://ballgamebetting.com/

  1. Head of Risk
  2. Head of compliance
  3. Compliance officer of the year (America)
  4. Data protection officer of the year

These are just a few of around 50 different categories that you as a gambling company can applied for if you want to shine some spot light on our fantastic gambling team.



When it comes down to gambling we prefer sportsbetting, this is the one gambling method where you dont need to be lucky to win. If you are a good sportsbetter you can earn allot of money just by learning about the teams you are betting on. This is an easy way to make a few extra bucks per month. But keep in mind that you are still gambling and that even if you study each match good, you still can loose. To get the best mma odds on the market check out oddsmma.com



There is not allot of things that can beat a good run on Blackjack, or sitting with your boys in a land based Casino having a couple of drinks and playing some Blackjack. The goal of a blackjack game is to get as close to 21 as possible or at least beat the dealers hand. There is a few different things you can do when playing blackjack to increase your odds against the dealer. You can learn a perfect Blackjack Strategy that will increase your odds. For example standing on a 12 when the dealer have a 4,5,6 showing. This is because its a bigger chance of the dealer busting when having these low cards. Below you can find a chart with the correct strategy to get the best odds over the dealer.



Playing on roulette might one of funniest things when it comes to gambling. You can bet on so many different things and the payouts can be insanely huge if your number hits. The payout of hitting your exact number is 36 to 1. This means if you bet €10 you will get back €360 in your account. You can also bet on Black and Red numbers.